Music History is Thrilling!

What’s this all about?


Admittedly, music history is dull. Currently, I am finished slogging through the Royal Conservatory of Music course Music History 4, Middle Ages – Classical eras and have achieved my Grade 10 piano certificate. The notes on this blog strive to match the requirements of this exam for year 2009. Please do feel free to leave a helpful comment, or two, that would provoke some interest in this captivating subject.

Hopefully this collection of my notes will be of aid to others trudging through the same misery.

I wish you all the best in your musical pursuits.

PS – I have received my mark back on my completed Music History 4 exam: 91% All the best to the rest of you!

PPS – I also keep a collection of useful links to other websites.

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Peter Moll

Thanks very much for setting up this website and the quizzes. I am preparing for the same exam — History 4 with RCM — but I find much of the material absolutely fascinating. Particularly the madrigals, the operas, Josquin’s music, Scarlatti’s compositions, and all of Allen Atlas’ excellent (because captivating) textbook entitled Renaissance Music. That said, this course is long and one has to find ways of memorising a large amount of material — and this is where your convenient summaries come in handy. Well done. I hope you do the same for History 5. Best of luck in your music career.


Dear Peter,

Thank you for your kind words; they’re very encouraging.

I shall have to look up Allen Atlas’ book, thanks for sharing about that.

I wish you all the best in your history exam and all your future music endeavours.


Your blog is incredibly helpful… thank you very much!!!


A search button would be nice. :)


use google com and at the end of your search type


I just got my result and i got 85%! YES! Finally DONE! Thank you SOOO MUCH for this blog – great blog and great notes. I studied almost purely off this blog!!!!!



i got 100% thanx 2 u 😛


Glad it helped you out!


Congratulations on the fabulous mark!! You’re very welcome!


Glad to hear that! Congrats!


Do you have a site like this for History 5 also? Thanks!


my exam is on friday and i think i’m going to fail. any advice????

thanks so much,



Hi there,

No, sorry, there’s nothing yet for History 5…


Hi Michelle,

Sorry, I didn’t get back to you in time for your exam. Now it’s done. How are you feeling about it? Hopefully you got in some crash study time before then!


Hi, yes, there is a search button now. Thanks for the idea. :)


any thoughts on making a website on the next history??? loved this one!!!


Thank you so much! You have no idea how much your site has helped me prepare for my exam which will be in 4 days! Especially the quizs :)


Nice post ! Thanks for, posting on this blog man. I shall email you again! I didnt realise that.


OMGGGG THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH 😀 you just made my day!


yo, got my marks back :87
could’ve been 10x worse if i didnt find this awesome website :)


Thank you very much for this wonderful resource! It is a great help to me as I am teaching myself the material for this exam.

The only improvement I could suggest would be quizzes for the Middle Ages.

Thanks again!


Great site. BTW the RCM is the Royal Conservatory of Music, not Royal Canadian Music.


You Are Awesome!!
I’m so glad i found this website – my exam is in 2 weeks and I had no idea if I were able to pass before I found this website.
please keep this website on !!
Thank you so much!


Tysm for making this blog, it’s been helping me a lot! It’s giving me confidence that I will pass History 4 :) My exam is in 4 days, and this is basically my tutor or study guide! You are amazing~

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Who’s still using this in 2017? XD

Also, does anyone know of other websites like this? Newer ones, considering the Syllabus has changed greatly.

Still, great website! Got an exam coming up and this has helped out a lot, even if some stuff is outdated (such as John Farmer and Fair Phyllis)…


Lil Pump

First comment of 2k18 lets goooo!!! Dis trulie iz triling lol xd fam

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