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If you are studying music history you will find these links to be wonderful lifesavers. Enjoy.

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Betty Miller

Hi, I am preparing for my history test upcoming in 3 weeks, and was thrilled to discover your website! Wow! Great, concise information!
Just wondering how to access your quizzes? You mention that we can view the quiz on your blog…but I can’t find them!?
Also to create a free acct. at Class Marker – they ask for a registration code? Also, once I’m in….how do I find your specific material?
Thanks! I appreciate your time in compiling all this info – I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything….but this is going to help a lot!
I especially look forward to your quizzes.


Hi Betty,
Great! I’m glad that my website has helped you out! I just received my mark back from my exam: 91%. I’m quite pleased! I wish you all the best success with yours!

Anyways, about the quizzes. It’s a bit more tricky than I actually explained in my blog. Thanks to your comment I have now upgraded the information on the blog with more detail as to how to access the quizzes. You will need to set up an account as a Teacher/Instructor instead of as a student. Then you don’t have to worry about the registration code. Then after you’ve got your account you can search the available quizzes by word and there you can put the title of the composition you wish you get a quiz on or the name of the composer. I believe I didn’t create quizzes on ALL composers but there is a quiz on all compositions, if I can remember correctly. Don’t worry too much about the exam, I’m sure you’ll do fine! If you remember, let me know after you write – I’d like to know what was on it!

All the best, Betty!

Betty Miller

Hi Shannon,
Just to let you know I wrote the exam in August….and got 89% :)
You asked to let you know what was on it – the first page was set up like the last exam (my friend wrote the exam in May, 2009) with True or False questions. There were 6 musical excerpts (had to choose 4 of them). There was a page of questions focusing on the origins and composer influences of Opera. The other pages were pretty straight forward with terms, and related compositions. The big essay question was related to a choice of 2 specific works : worth 10 marks – The Creation or Cantata no. 80…then the last question …choosing 2 out of 6 compositions for 5 marks each. Whew! So happy it’s over with! Thank you for creating this website…it helped me a lot!


can u post something about musical contributions?


Hi there,

What exatly is it that you are looking for as far as musical contributions? Aditional works composed by the required composers?


Can you please post some quizzes about Gregorian Chant Haec Dies, Organum Haec Dies, and O mitissima/Virgo/Haec Dies?

Thanks a lot, these quizzes are really helpful


I’m currently preparing my history 4 exam,come across your website,what a wonderful help from this place,thanks a lot!

Is there website that you recommand for harmony 4 exam?

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